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    Her love of the beach is what drives Camila to really show off her body. While she loves all seasons, Camila loves the hot beach weather most. “There’s just something so thrilling about getting a new bathing suit at the start of the season,” she says. “I like to go and pick out just the tiniest, skimpiest suit I think I can get away with. I play this little game with myself when it comes to buying swimwear. I try to see just how hard I can push that envelope, just how close I can get to the line of what is considered acceptable. Likewise, I want to walk onto that beach and be practically naked. If you think about it, a thong string bikini is almost like being naked. You’re wearing practically nothing. Your body is just out there for everyone to see. I love to lie on a towel in the hot sun, with my hair just freshly wet from going in, and have people see me.” Camila goes on, “There’s something so sexy and exhibitionist about walking along a crowded beach, knowing the men there are watching me. That turns me on a lot. I love to just put on a show. And the tinier my bathing suit is, the better. I’ve seen men go out of their way to walk past me, so they can get a better look. Sometimes I even manage to catch them, and they see me seeing them. I always smile and wink at them. A smile and a wink from a pretty girl just make a man’s day. As women, we should never lose sight of this power we have, this ability we have to make a man happy just by being kind to him. More women should try doing that.”